NoTring – Free Indian Virtual Number

You might have heard so many services which provides you free virtual numbers online. But all of them provide international numbers. Today, I will share with you a service which provides free Indian virtual number. NoTring is the first website which provides you free 100% working Indian virtual number.

Features of NoTring :

  • You will get a free 10 digit Indian virtual number
  • All the received SMS and calls can be viewed on the NoTring dashboard.
  • Helps you protect from spam messages and calls. Provide NoTring number anywhere you want and get the messages and calls in dashboard.
  • For calls, when someone dials your virtual number, you will receive the call on your personal number and the caller’s numbers will be shown in dashboard.

Why do you need Virtual Number?

Whenever you sign up for any service you are asked to provide a working mobile number. Your personal number including other details like name and address are stored by the service provider. Later, they sell this information to third party companies for profit.

What is the Solution?

You can buy a temporary phone number and use that number to register on websites or any campaigns. Or you can use a virtual mobile number without having a physical sim. The later method is the best.

How to get Free Indian Virtual Number :

Currently NoTring works on referral basis. That means, you need a referral code to join.

Click the below link to Sign Up (referral code included) :

Register at NoTring

You will be asked to enter your present phone number, referral code and then click on Send OTP. Once you receive OTP, enter it and register. You will be joined to their waiting list. Once you are ready to be joined, you will get an SMS with registration link.

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