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I have always wondered if I can have a set of shortcuts that can copy a predefined text and paste them when required. I work on software where I have around 10 to 15 text lines which I frequently use. It becomes a very tiresome job to type them every time. It consumes time.

Example : I will give you an example where I require some set of texts to be copied every time. I use some software daily where I need to put my signature every time I send an email. I need to type same headings every 15 minutes. Sometimes I need to type a three line text every one hour or less.

Like this, there are so many predefined lines of text that I use so many times very frequently. It will be very difficult and time consuming to type them every time. Wouldn’t it be very helpful if I have shortcuts for some 15 predefined texts so that I can paste them whenever I need them?

I was facing this problem and tried so many plugins and extensions for my browser. I searched many software but none were as I expected. Finally a line of code helped me in this. Later on, I used this code and made shortcuts to use it to make my tasks easier and save time.

Today I will share with you this trick which may help you when you have lots of predefined texts to be copied and pasted frequently in your work environment.

How This Trick Works :

Let me show you how this trick works. First we create a batch file with a code and the predefined text in it. Then we need to create shortcut for this file so that when we need to paste that text we just launch that batch file with just a keyboard shortcut and press ctrl + v to paste it whenever required. Alternatively you can place those batch files in a folder and place the folder on the taskbar so that you can access them with ease. The later one is the easiest and hence we will follow the same in this post.

Procedure :

Open Notepad and type the following line in it :

echo This is a predefined text | clip

Save this file as a batch file. Press Ctrl + S and name it as test.bat and don’t forget to select All files in Save as type field.

Create as many bat files as you want and set predefined text in each file. Give each file an appropriate name.

Now create an empty folder and paste all the bat files in it. Put the folder on taskbar to access them with ease. To know how to put any folder on taskbar, read my post Access Files and Folders from Taskbar.

Now you have all the shortcuts with predefined texts in it. When you click them the text will be copied to the clipboard. Just press Ctrl + V and paste it anywhere accordingly.

Hope you liked this trick. If it was helpful, then please like it and share it on your social networks.


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