Privacy Feature Added in WhatsApp

You might have probably heard the news of facebook acquiring whatsapp for a huge sum of 19 Billion Dollars. WhatsApp is a very popular and widely used social messaging application for android, windows and iOS.

Previously, users were not satisfied with the privacy in whatsapp usage. It use to show the last seen timestamp to everyone. Even strangers can see status and profile picture. This was a privacy concern for most of the users. Many apps came into market which promised to hide the last seen timestamp of whatsapp, but some worked and some didn’t.

Now Whatsapp has a good news for its users. They have a new update of whatsapp where they have added a privacy option in whatsapp settings. With this option you can hide your status, profile picture and last seen timestamp from strangers, or from everyone. It has also added a new feature in payment option where you can pay for your friend using your account. There is one more interesting option added which allows us to view the time of status changed. Like it shows : Status Changed 5 hours before. It also added camera shortcut for sending photos faster and video thumbnails size is made bigger within chat.

Following are the features added in Latest Update :

– Hide Profile Picture, Status, Last Seen Timestamp from Everyone, No one and Show it to only My Contacts

– Pay for your friend using your whatsapp account

– View the time when status was changed

– Camera Shortcut for sending pictures faster

– large video thumbnails within chat

Download Latest Version of WhatsApp :

You can download the latest version of whatsapp from their website or from the play store. Below are the links :

WhatsApp Website

Download from Play Store

How to Hide Last Seen, Status, and Profile Picture in WhatsApp :

After Installing latest version of whatsapp, open the application. Go to Whatsapp Settings, and then Select Account.

Privacy Feature Added in WhatsApp
Privacy Feature Added in WhatsApp

In Account settings, select Privacy option.

Privacy Feature Added in WhatsApp
Privacy Feature Added in WhatsApp

Now you will find options to Show your profile picture, status and Last seen timestamp to Everyone, or no one or only your contacts. You can select any one as per your need.

Privacy Feature Added in WhatsApp
Privacy Feature Added in WhatsApp

Hope Whatsapp will add more features in coming future.

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