How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

You might be already aware that WhatsApp is updating many features to its messaging platform. The most recent update to WhatsApp was the ‘Recall‘ or ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature. Using this feature, users were able to delete a message after sending it to someone. The recipient will not be able to read it after the message has been recalled. But hang on, every security feature has a bug. Yes, you can read the message even if the sender has recalled it or deleted it. But there are some limitations. Read the full post to find out How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages.

Below are the methods to Read Deleted Messages on WhatsApp.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Notification History:

On an Android device, when you receive any notification, everything will be stored in a log file. You might not be able to access this log file directly but there are some apps which shows the contents of this log file. Any message received on WhatsApp is first shown as¬†notification. So, when someone sends you a message, it gets logged in a log file. Now even if the sender recalls the message, it might get deleted from the WhatsApp interface but it is present in the log file. Download the below app called ‘Notification History’ from Play Store and search for notifications to find the recalled message from the sender.

Download Notification History

Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Nova Launcher:

If you are using Nova Launcher and you do not want to download any third party app then this method is for you. To see the deleted message, Install/Open Nova Launcher. Long press anywhere on the home screen to access notification access widgets. Go to Widgets -> Activities -> Settings -> Notification Log. You will be able to see the notification log once the widget is added to your home screen. Search your WhatsApp message in the logs.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages in GBWhatsApp:

If you are a fan of GBWhatsApp and use it, then you can read deleted WhatsApp messages from it. GBWhatsApp has an option to store log files. You can search your messages in the log file. To access it, go to GBSettings -> Open Log.  Here you will find all the logs like the database, cache etc. Note down the path to the log file and search your message in the log file. We do not recommend the use of GBWhatsApp due to security reasons but still if you like its features then you can.

Limitations of this Trick :

  • This trick works only if you do not restart your device. Because the Notification History App deletes all the logs once your phone is restarted.
  • As logs are only for reference purpose, it contains only the first 100 characters of the message. You cannot read the full message.
  • Log files contain only text logs. If the sender sends a media file and recalls it, then you cannot read or view it in logs.

We hope WhatsApp will be able to fix this bug in the next update as this causes a security concern for some people. Till then enjoy the trick and share it with your friends on your social networks.


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