What are Red, Blue and Purple Teams in Cyber Security?

An organisation needs to have a strong cyber security team in order to protect themselves from hackers. In order to strengthen the security of the organisation, each team is assigned multiple functions and tasks. Every team has their roles and responsibilities to help secure the organisation. Today, we are going to understand what are red, blue and purple teams in cyber security?

Origin of Red, Blue and Purple Teams

The terms red team, blue team has been long associated with military. In military, these terms are commonly used to describe teams that use their skills to imitate the attack techniques that an enemy might use, and other teams that use their skills to defend. And cyber security is no better than a war strategy.

Red Team

A Red team is a group of offensive security professionals whose role is to use real world techniques to perform attacks on an organisation with an aim to identify vulnerabilities, bugs and weakness in the infrastructure of an organisation. A Red team could be a team from within an organisation or can be hired exclusively to perform attacks. But better results are achieved when hired externally.

A Red team is not a penetration testing team. A penetration tester finds vulnerabilities and identifies gaps by scanning the systems using manual and automated testing. But a Red team can go beyond that. They can even write their own code and use aggressive strategies to attack the organisation.

An organisation might feel confident with their security approach until they hire a red team. Once they find loopholes, bugs in their infrastructure, they can resolve them and strengthen their organisation security. That is the reason the offensive security professionals have increasing demand in cyber security.

Blue Team

A Blue team is a group of internal security professionals who defend the organisation from cyber attacks through threat prevention, detection and response. They work to improve the security of the organisation round the clock. They closely monitor the network traffic, data flow and suspicious activities and work to detect and prevent them. In case of any attacks, their role is to recover the organisation from the damage and apply even stronger defense mechanism for future attacks.

Purple Team

A purple team is the one which works both with red and blue teams. They exist to maximize the effectiveness of red and blue teams. If the red and blue teams work effectively, the purple team becomes redundant. It is not a permanently existing team but while working, they see a big picture and analyses the mindset of the read and the blue team and ultimately derives the maximum security from both.

In simple terms, the role of the purple team is to check how red team is finds the bugs and attacks the organisation and then co-operates with blue team to defend the attacks. Similarly it again works with blue team to see the defense mechanism and co-operates with red team to break them.

A secure organisation is the one whose blue team is stronger than the red team.

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