Reset Forgotten Android Pattern Lock

Today I will show you how you can reset a forgotten Android Pattern Lock if you forgot it. Almost All the smartphones provide an option to lock your phone with pattern lock, password, pin, etc. Pattern Lock is a user interface in smartphone which provides security for users to lock their phone using some user defined pattern.

What if you forgot that pattern lock and unable to unlock your phone. Below are some easy methods to reset forgotten android pattern lock.

Method 1 : Resetting with your registered gmail account.

Forgetting Passwords really sucks. Believe me, we sometimes really forget passwords. In this situation Gmail account saves us.

When you are asked to enter pattern lock, and you forget it, just enter any pattern for 5 times. After entering incorrect pattern for 5 times, you will be shown an option “Forgot Pattern”.

In the next screen you will be prompted to enter your gmail address and password. This email should be the one which you have used to register your android device. Note that you must be connected to internet via wifi or GPRS at this point so that phone can verify your gmail account.

Once you enter the credentials, your pattern will be unlocked. You can now set a new pattern.

Method 2 : What if you are not connected to Internet, or you don’t have gmail account, or you forgot your gmail id or password.

Sometimes you may not be connected to internet and you forget the pattern. Then the above method 1 doesn’t work. But don’t worry, its not like the world would end. Resetting pattern lock is easy.

At this situation you may need to format or hard reset your device. You can search on google to know the procedure for formatting your device by entering the following query:

How to format or hard reset [Your Phone Model]

Once you know the procedure to format your device, follow it and reboot your phone. Pattern will be removed.

Note that Doing a hard reset on your device will erase all the data on your phone memory. So, always be on a safe side by regularly taking backups of your phone, like contacts, apps, notes etc.

Method 3 : Resetting Pattern Lock (Without Gmail Account, Without Internet, Without doing Hard Reset, Without Root, Without Losing any Data)

This is the best method if you have don’t have gmail account and there is no internet connection at the time of resetting pattern lock. In the previous method (Method 2), we saw how to reset pattern lock by formatting or doing a hard reset on your device.

But what if you don’t want to lose any precious data on your phone. If you haven’t backed up your data (like contacts, apps etc) this methods is the best. This method uses Aroma File Manager by Amarullz.

Instructions :

1)  Download Aroma File Manager (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

2)  Remove your memory card from your device and connect it to your computer

3) Place the Aroma File Manager in the root of SD card

4)  Reboot into Recovery

5) Flashing Aroma File Manager

-> For CWM users follow this :

Mount All Partitions (including sd-ext if you have it)

And Flash Aroma File Manager from SD Card.

-> For Stock Recovery Users :

In stock recovery there is no option to mount partitions. So, Directly Flash Aroma File Manager.

Now click Menu Options, Go to Settings, Select Mount All Partitions.

Now you can see all the partitions are mounted.

6) Now go to /data/system

7) If you want to remove pattern lock, long press and delete gesture.key

8) If you want to remove password, long press and delete password.key

9) Exit Aroma File Manager

10) Reboot & Enjoy

Note :

If you have sd-ext mod to increase internal storage, then go to /sd-ext/system in step 6

If you need any help regarding this, please drop comments below or send a private message to me by CLICKING HERE

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  1. Never mind I see them and I deleted them but when I delete them I rebooted my device Google sighn in is there what should I do plz reply

    1. Is internet connected in ur mobile…if yes then sign in to google and reset password…if not, then take ur memory card, copy aroma file manager in root of sdcard, and then if u hav clorkworkmod then flash aroma file manager and follow the procedure…

  2. Thanks Mr. Rafi, its a useful write up, I was trying to use method 3 (no loss of any data) for my iball andi 5c but in step 4 “reboot in recovery” my phone does not show this option when I do press power & volume up simultaneously, it shows just “reboot system now” as one of the options in the menu & when I do that it starts up like it would normally & since my phone is locked for too many pattern attempts it goes to the same screen where I need to give my gmail username & pswd.

    1. Don’t press these keys when your phone is on. First Turn off your phone, and then press these keys. It takes you into factory mode. If it doesn’t work, then search on google for how to get into factory mode for your phone model. After entering into factory mode you have options to reboot in recovery. If it still doesn’t work, then i think these options are only available for rooted phones. So try rooting your phone. Need Help, then I am always for your help.

  3. thanks for the response, i am doing it with my phone switched off & am getting the factory mode options including “reboot in recovery” but when I select this option the phone starts normally and the locked screen appears. It does not give me option to flash from the memory card.

    Please note my phone is not rooted and I am not sure if it can be rooted while its locked, if yes, please let me know how. Its an iball andi 5c, android ics 4.2.2

    I am really desperate & do not want to loose data on my phone. Its been locked for the past 13 days & the iball people are saying reset (loosing all the data) is the only option.

  4. I think without root, its not flashing the file manager. if you want to root then i searched this for you. But let me warn you that rooting has some risks. If not done properly your device may be bricked. So please do it on your own risk. Here is one procedure

    They are telling about binary method. The same procedure i applied for my Micromax Canvas 2 and my phone is now rooted. You can try it. It is simple , just one key press and its done. So again warning do it on your own risk. 99% its successful.

    1. Thanks for the link, I have seen & studied it but I think I cannot root my phone because it is pattern locked and debugging is off. If yes, please let me know the steps.

  5. Hey i got a new method to reset your pattern lock. I am trying to solve your problem in every possible way. So for this method you should have android device manager activated. Is it activated on your device? If yes, then just go to and there you have option to Lock the phone and it asks for a new password and then you can choose your new password and unlock it. It worked on my phone. But you should have android device manager installed. You can check the post which i wrote on android device manager.

    Thank You..

    1. Hi Rafi, I gave up after 3 weeks, went to the recovery mode and reset the phone but thank you for all the help. keep up the good work, god bless!

  6. I really appreciate your efforts Md Rafi, thank you very much. I tried this but unfortunately its not working, it cannot locate the device, probably the android device manager is not activated in my phone. i dont remember activating it.

    I am also trying other methods like i installed maui meta and i can see the device in command window when i type “adb devices” however, it does not give me shell access it says “permission denied”. i tried root adb etc all such commands too but it didnt work.

  7. my tablet is lenovo ideapad a10 i forgot my pattern i need ur help that i donot have an internet connection and idont have anything to to unlock what i can do?

  8. My vodafone android has locked by pattern method,& i forget my google account which i used in my android phone.kindly help me how can i reset my phone.

  9. I have a samsung i9100G… someone played with my phone and now the pattern lock is disabled… i forgot my google account and in recovery mode i cant choose the options from my sd card… please help me…

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