Restart Your Friends Phone – MediaTek SMS Bug

In today’s generation, as we are approaching towards more secure and reliable ways of communication in the field of technology, we daily come across new bugs and issues in smartphones and computers. Some or the other day developers and programmers around the world find out some security flaws and bugs in mobile devices and computers.

A French blogger named Korben has reported a bug in some smartphones via his blog Neowin. According to him smartphones with MediaTek chip set processor are insecure with a potential security hole. You can restart these phones by just sending a text message from a different phone. When the phone receives the SMS, it gets restarted. And the main problem is that this can be done without the user’s consent. According to Korben, this is due to the reason that, the code (equal to sign) sent through sms is actually a command for restarting in mediatek chip set programming language.

Restart Your Friend’s Mobile By Sending SMS :

You can prank on your friend by restarting his phone without his knowledge. All you have to do is just send a SMS. Type a message with just an equal to sign ( = ) and send it to your friend’s mobile. That’s all. Your friend’s mobile will get restarted. And note that after restarting the receiver will not be able to find the received message in his inbox.

Solution For Protecting Your Smartphone From This Prank :

As this is not a big security issue, so no need to worry. But if you still want to protect your device from this flaw and want to avoid someone play pranks on you, there is always a solution for every problem. What you have to do is just replace your default messaging app with any other messaging application. I have installed the Messaging Classic KitKat  and my phone doesn’t get restarted when I receive these type of potentially dangerous SMS. Below I have provided you the link to a messaging app you can download it from play store.

Download Messaging Classic KitKat

To find out if your mobile is running on MediaTek Chip set based processor, just send a text message with equal to sign (=) and if your mobile gets restarted then it is confirmed that you have mediatek chip set in your mobile. Alternatively you can search for your model on google and check specifications.

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