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Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app today. It is used by millions of people daily. It has got so many features and whatsapp is regularly introducing many features. Recently they introduced the blue ticks feature where users would be able to know whether the sent message has been read by the recipient or not. There is no option to send a blank message on whatsapp. Sending only a single space is not allowed on whatsapp.

There are so many tricks for whatsapp. Today I will show a trick by which you can send a blank message on whatsapp. You can also use this trick to update a blank status or a blank username on whatsapp.

How to Send Blank Message on Whatsapp :

There is nothing much tricky here. You just need to copy a character and paste it. This character is a unicode symbol which is not recognised by whatsapp and hence posted as empty.

Just copy the character from the below. The character is present in between the double quotes. So copy it carefully without selecting the quotes.

“⁠ ”

You can amaze you friends by sending them blank message and updating your status as nothing.

There are some apps available on google play store which lets you do the same. It is a better option to use the app, as it does not require copying the character and pasting it every time you want to send blank message. Some of the apps allow you to share the blank message on different messaging platforms like Messenger, Hike, Skype and many more.

Below are the links to PlayStore for the apps (Try each to find the best) :




Happy Pranking your friends. Enjoy

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  1. If using a symbian phone ,in the emoji section u find a box that appears between your recently used emoji and other emojies ,,,click on that emoji and send it,it will appear to be a blank text

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