Send Emails From Mobile Without Internet (Indian Users)

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to send an email and you have no internet? You have no computer and the email has to be sent urgently. What would you do in such situations? You have mobile with you but it has no internet connectivity. In this situations you find yourself helpless.

But do not worry, I have got a nice trick for you. You can send email from your mobile even if you do not have internet connection. Yes, you heard right? You can send email just by sending a text message. Find how to do it by reading below procedure :

Send Emails From Mobile Without Internet :

Go to your Messages Application in your mobile.

Create a message in the below format :

email-address (space) message

Example : hello this is test email

And send the message to 55444

Send Email From Mobile Without Internet
Send Email From Mobile Without Internet

The message will be sent to the email address within seconds.

The email will be sent from as sender and the subject line will contain your number as shown in the below screenshot.

Send Email from Mobile Without Internet
Send Email from Mobile Without Internet

This way you can send email to anyone from your mobile without using internet.

Note :

1. If the trick is not working, then type message as em(space)email address**message. 

Example : em**hai this is test mail

2. If the trick is still not working, then try to use a different operator (SIM) and then follow the same procedure. I tried this on Tata Docomo and it doesn’t work. But it works fine on Airtel operator. Try on different operators and please let me know in comments.

3. This trick works only in India, as this is a service called as EasySearch which is for indian mobile operators.

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