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Send Free Anonymous SMS (No Registration, No Login)

In this post I will show you how to send free anonymous sms. There are many websites which send free sms, but the drawback is that they show your number. What if you want to send sms to someone without showing your identity.

What is an anonymous sms? An anonymous sms is a sms which does not reveal your identity when you send it to someone.

There are also many websites which allows you to send anonymous sms, but most of them require registration and they also include their ads in your sms. Some services charge the users to use the service and some even include the number of sms to be sent.

Now today I will tell you about a website which allows you to send free anonymous sms without registration and ads. You can fool your friends or play pranks on them.

Before writing more, let me make a disclaimer.

Note : This Post is for educational purpose. Do not use this trick to harm someone or their feelings. Do not send abusive messages. Use it for fun. Don’t use this service for bad purpose. I do not take any responsibility if someone use this trick to do anything illegal. This is just for educational purpose. Also let me tell you that all your logs, and IP address details will be recorded on that website. So if anything serious happens, you may land yourself in jail.

Below is the website name :

Click Here to Visit the Website

Features of this website :

No Registration

No Login

No Ads

No Limit

Unlimited SMS

Completely Anonymous

Very soon I will post more websites which allows you to send free anonymous sms.

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