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Nearly After a week, I am back with some more tricks. After posting How to find Balance of any BSNL number, Today my post will be on How to send password protected email messages.

Sometimes you may want to send private email messages which might be very confidential like sending credit card numbers and bank account passwords or anything which is very sensitive. In such cases sending the confidential information in normal message would be a risk. At that time you can use this trick to send emails with password protection. Though the normal emails are read only by the receiver, but still there may be chances your account gets compromised or someone gets access to your email account. If you have any message which is very confidential and don’t want anyone to read except the receiver, then this trick works. Because even if your account gets compromised, your private messages will be read only if correct password is entered which is provided by the sender of the email.

Coming to the trick, below is the procedure :

Go to LockBin Online Service

Fill the required field, and provide a password so that receiver can enter this password to read the email.

Write your confidential message. You can even attach files.

Enter Captcha & Click Submit Button.

You will get a link to the password protected email which is encrypted.

You can send this link in your normal email or send it your friend by any means. When he opens it, he will be asked password. After entering the password, he can read the confidential message, otherwise it will not open.

But note that, before he can open it, you must send the receiver the password which you have set on the message.

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