How to Set Auto Reply in GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is the most used modded version of WhatsApp. It provides a lot of features which are not yet released in official WhatsApp. For those who wants no limitations on their messaging experience in WhatsApp, they can choose to install GBWhatsApp. The latest version of GBWhatsApp has released a feature where you can set an auto reply to messages. So, this post will show you how to set an auto reply in GBWhatsApp.

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The Auto Reply feature of GBWhatsApp lets you set predefined replies to the messages which you receive when you are offline. You can choose start time and end time for auto reply messages. For example, if you have training/meeting during specific hours then you can set auto reply for those situations. Also, if you are going to sleep, then you can add another auto reply with some custom message.

Personally, i will be using this feature for my lovely WhatsApp broadcast subscribers. When someone sends me a message as “SUBSCRIBE ME” or “ADD ME” to my broadcast number then they will receive an auto reply saying ‘Thank you for joining the broadcast’.

The best part of this feature is that it lets you set auto reply for either contacts or groups or both. It also lets you set auto reply for either all the messages, or containing an exact word, or a phrase containing the specified word. It also has the option to set a delay in seconds for an auto reply message to be sent.

How to Set an Auto Reply in GBWhatsApp :

Open GBWhatsApp and press the three dots at the top right corner to open GB Settings.

Then select ‘Auto Reply Message’.

Then turn the toggle ON to enable auto reply feature.

Now click on the Plus (+) button to create an auto reply.

How to set an Auto Reply in GBWhatsApp


Now as shown in the screenshot, set any keyword you want an auto reply to be sent. If you choose ALL, then for any received message, an auto reply will be sent. If you choose EQUAL, then auto reply will be sent for only those message which are equal to the define word. If CONTAINS option is selected, then auto reply will be sent for any message which contains the defined word.

In the next field which says ‘Auto Reply Message’, you can set any message that you want to be auto replied.

Delay Message specifies the delay in seconds, after which the sender will receive the auto reply message.

You can set the receiver as ‘Contact’ if you do not want the auto reply message to be sent in groups. You can also choose ‘Groups’ if you want to auto reply in groups. If you want to set auto reply for both, then choose ‘Both’.

Last field allows you to set start time and end time for auto replies.

Below screenshot shows auto reply message received when I tested this feature.

Please let me know in comments, how you will be using this amazing feature of GBWhatsApp.

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  1. Its send more than once, even when am chatting with the person that messaged me, its will still reply to the person the same Auto reply, while am talking to the person

  2. Your post is helping me a lot. Its really nice and epic. Thanks a lot for the useful info on this topic. You did it so much well. I love to see more about GB WhatsApp. Keep sharing and updating. Also share more posts with us. Thank you.

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