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SuperBeam – Fast File Sharing Between Android Phones

Are you bugged up with slow Bluetooth transfer speeds? If yes then today I will tell you about an amazing android application which transfers files between android devices with blazing fast speeds. There may be lot of file sharing applications but none of them can beat SuperBeam. There may be also many options to share files on wireless by using infrared (not in much use now a days), bluetooth (very slow transfer speed for sending large files) or using internet cloud storage (very lengthy process). But SuperBeam makes advantage of Wifi technology to transfer single or multiple files of any size with an amazing speed.

SuperBeam is an android application which allows easiest and fastest sharing of files between android phones with super fast speeds. It makes use of wireless technology like Wifi Direct or Wifi Hotspot. The file transfer takes place through Wifi. If no Wifi network is present then it creates an ad hoc wifi hotspot and sharing of files is done.

To use SuperBeam for sharing files both the device must have the app installed. Then the devices must be paired using number of options available like QR code scanning, NFC or by typing the code manually. Once the devices are paired then sharing can be as easy as selecting the files and sending.

SuperBeam - Fast File Sharing Between Android Devices
SuperBeam – Fast File Sharing Between Android Devices

Transfer speeds depends upon the wifi capabilities of the device you are using. On an average you can get transfer speeds upto 20 to 30 Mbps. The user interface of SuperBeam is not as simple as S Beam of Samsung phones, and android beam, but the speed of transfer it provides makes it more versatile and powerful among many users.

SuperBeam is free to download and can be used on android devices running Android 2.3.3 and above. You can download it from google play store from the below link.

SuperBeam on PlayStore

You can also get pro version of SuperBeam to get extra features like customised save location of files, ads removed, send entire folder while preserving its structure, send to multiple devices at a time and many more. You can download the pro version from the below link and also check all the extra features.

SuperBeam Pro on PlayStore

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  1. I have lenovo A10 Tablet and moto x phone. When I transfer movie via super beam I hardly get an speed of 2 to 3 mbps. How should I increase the speed. Pls suggest

    1. hi gopal, it depends on many factors. Like speed of the phone, speed of the wifi network etc. Some phones give upto 25 to 30 mbps. My canvas 2 and note 3 transfer takes place with 10mbps. Might be due to canvas 2 slow speed. Try to get full version of superbeam. may be it will increase the speed.

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