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How to take Screenshot on Micromax Canvas 2

Screenshot is the process of taking pictures of the current screen. It means saving the current screen to your phone.

Many a times, we may find ourselves in a situation where we need to take pictures of our screen. For example, my facebook app doesn’t allow me to download images, so what I do is I take screenshot of the screen and crop the image to edit the picture. In some cases, you won’t be able to download the webpage as pdf or you cannot save the page itselft, then you can take screenshot of that page and save it to your phone. You can even take screenshot of an instant shot while playing a video. So, Screenshot is the process to take photos of our own mobile’s screen. Screenshots are saved in image format, generally jpeg. Screenshots can be save to view them later.

So, Today I will show you how you can take screenshots from your mobile. This trick works on almost all micromax android devices, like micromax canvas 2, canvas HD and others.

How to take Screenshot on Micromax Canvas 2 :

Here goes the procedure, which is as simple as 123. Just take your phone. Press the Power Key and the Volume Down button simultaneously for a short period(2 or 3 seconds). That’s it. The image will be saved as a screenshot in a new folder. Go to your gallery and check it.

Note :

– The method to capture screenshots is different for different phone models.

– Do not press the power button for a long time, otherwise it will turn off the phone.

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    1. when you open the image you have the option to download the image. If there is not at all any option, then what I do is just take screenshots of the image and save it.

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