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Tech News #15 – Apple Invests $2.7 Billion for OLED Displays, Apple Kills iPod, Apple Removes VPN Apps, One Plus 5 Battery Drain Issue,

Below are the tech news for today

Apple Invests $2.7 Billion To Secure Supply of OLED displays from LG :

According to Korea Economic Daily, Apple has decided to invest $2.7 Billions in LG to secure the supply of OLED displays. Apple has paid the amount in advance for an agreement to supply of 45,000 units monthly from 2019. Both Apple and LG has denied to say anything about the deal. This might be due to the reason that Apple is in agreement with Samsung for supply of OLED displays for the upcoming iPhone 8.

Apple Kills iPod Nano & iPod Shuffle:

Apple has discontinued the sales of its music players iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. iPods came in the year 2005. In today’s era, where people stream music mostly on their mobile phones, iPods are becoming less popular. From Thursday (27th July, 2017), iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle were discontinued. Apple’s internet enabled iPod touch will still remain alive.

Apple removes VPN apps from China App Store :

Recently, the Chinese Government has banned VPN apps and ordered the mobile operators to remove VPN apps by early 2018. Now Apple has removes major VPN apps from its china based App Store. Two major VPN providers Star VPN and Express VPN has shared a note from Apple mentioning the removal of their Apps. The VPN apps will not be accessible in China App Store but will be available for users outside the China.

This move from Apple has a huge impact because VPN was the only way for china based individuals and even the professionals to access internet without restrictions bypassing the censorship.

One Plus 5 Users Reports Excessive Battery Drain After 911 Bug Fix :

Last week we posted a news about One Plus 5 users reporting 911 issue when placing a call to emergency number. One Plus 5 has fixed the issue by releasing a software update. While fixing one issue it has introduced another issue in the device. Users who have installed the update reported that they experience excessive battery draining, specially when left the device unplugged overnight. One Plus 5 has not yet commented on this while writing this post, but stay tuned to get latest news on this. If you are experiencing this issue then you can either factory reset your device or keep calm and wait for next update from One Plus 5 to fix this issue. We hope that fixing this issue will not give birth to another bug again.

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