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Tech News #3 – Windows Phone 8.1 Support Ended, Seeing AI App, iPhone 8 Update

Below are the tech news for today

Windows Phone 8.1 Support Ended :

If you are still running windows 8.1 on your phone, then there is a news for you. After three years of support from its launch on July 11, 2014, mainstream support for windows 8.1 has officially ended today. 80% of the windows phones run on windows 8.1. Only 20% of the windows phone has the latest windows 10. Microsoft was not able to beat Android and iOS and failed to be ahead of them.

Seeing AI app from Microsoft :

Microsoft has launched an amazing AI-powered iPhone app that helps visually impaired people by narrating the world. For example, it can recognise friends, read text, guess emotions of people from their facial expressions, scan bar codes, identity bank notes, recognise images from twitter and read documents. Currently the app is only for iPhone and available in US, Canada, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore. But very soon it will come to other countries, Microsoft reported. You can download the free Seeing AI iPhone app from here.

iPhone 8 could launch without software support for wireless charging and 3D sensor :

Apple is currently in a very panic mode since it is facing issues in fixing software problems with wireless charging and new 3D sensor. Reports says that there is no problem with the hardware the the software that supports 3D sensor and wireless charging. If Apple is unable to fix the problem on time, it has no option other than releasing the phone without software support. It might ship the phones with hardware and enable these features via an iOS 11.1 software update. Last year the same thing happened with iPhone 7’s depth of field photography mode, which was activated after few weeks via a software update.


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