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Tech News #5 – Amazon Messaging App, Youtube Thumbnails, Whatsapp Update, Facebook GIF

Below are the tech news for today

Amazon’s Anytime Messenger :

Today, messaging apps are becoming quite popular way of communication among users. There are rumours that another powerful player is going to enter the market of messengers. Amazon appears to bring out a new messaging service called ‘Anytime’. The standalone messaging app will let users chat with text and video, send photos, play games and engage with other amazon services like music, food ordering and shopping. The app might allow users to chat without knowing the user’s number. They can search friend using their name.

These are just the rumours but we will update you once we learn more about it.

Youtube Thumbnails :

From the end of June, Youtube is slowly rolling out a new feature where you will see a GIF-like video thumbnails for youtube videos. The GIF thumbnails will play three seconds of the video. The feature is already available for select users on their youtube pages. These previews will be available on homepage, search results, watch page, subscriptions tab and trending tab. The GIF thumbnails will work on Chrome and Opera browsers for now. They do not work on mobile devices.

The video should be more than 30 seconds of duration to show the preview. Youtube uses criteria like video topic and video content to decide whether the preview is to be shown or not. The thumbnails are automatically generated with artificial intelligence. The thumbnails will not take input from the video creators, but generates in such a way that it gives the best idea of what the video is about.

Whatsapp Will Now Let You Send Any File :

Whatsapp is rolling out a new feature that finally allows users to send any type of file they want. Previously whatsapp restricted to send only office documents like pdf, doc and xls files. But now it will allow you to send APK (android apps), ZIP files, etc. The update is currently in beta and the latest version has not yet released. It might take some time before it is available for everyone.

Facebook Camera Allow Creating GIF :

Facebook has secretly added a feature to its camera. It now allows you to create GIF images right from the Facebook’s inbuilt camera. User has to swipe right from the camera to see this option. Previously Facebook allowed users to comment using GIF images. Now you can use it to post it on your timeline. Currently the feature is exclusively for iOS and it is available for only some users. Very soon it will be available for others users and android as well.

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