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Tech News #11 – Youtube Redirect Method, Google Play Protect, Youtube Features to Discontinue, Avast acquired Piriform

Below are the tech news for today

Youtube Implements Redirect Method to Counter Extremist Videos :

Yesterday Youtube has launched a new strategy to counter hate/extremist videos. It will be using a feature called Redirect Method, through which it can start redirecting the searches for terrorist content to anti hate content. That means if some one tries to search particular keywords which are related to extremism, hate or terrorism, then it will redirect it to videos which debunk violence, extremism and hate.

Youtube has declined to tell what those keywords would be. It said that it has plans to expand this feature to wider set of keywords and non english languages. It also said that it will measure success of this strategy by analysing how much this content is engaged.

Google Play Protect feature to Secure Your Device from Bad Apps :

Back in May, Google has announced about the Google Play Protect feature. Now it has started rolling this feature to all the devices with Google Play Services 11. Play Protect is a security feature which will scan your apps for any malicious content and alerts you if found. Google has started to roll out this feature to Android devices. We will try to write a dedicated post on how to install and use the Google Play Protect feature. So keep tuned.

Youtube’s Video Editor and Photo Slideshow to be Discontinued :

Youtube is the biggest video sharing website, but not all of its features are great and useful. Video Editor and Photo Slideshows are the two features which are very rarely used by the users. Due to this reason, youtube has planned to discontinue them after 20th September, 2017. The enhancement feature in Video Manager will still be present, which lets user to trim, blur and filter the videos.

Avast acquired Piriform (CCleaner) :

Avast has acquired the London based company Piriform which is behind the CCleaner. I am a big fan of both avast and CCleaner. For those who don’t know, CCleaner is a device performance optimisation software for PC and Mobile devices. Avast announced that it has completely acquired Piriform. It also said that the Piriform team will be a part of Avast business unit. It has reported that it will keep all the products from Piriform alive, including CCleaner.

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