Use Any Web Browser As Text Editor

My Last post was on How to send Password Protected Emails. Now I am showing you a very simple trick. Not so popular but most of the people don’t know this trick. Using this trick, you can use any Web Browser as a text editor. I am not going to present any online text editor. This trick uses a simple javascript which when entered in a browser , makes it a text editor.

Now you might be thinking what is the use of this trick. Not very much helpful, but in some cases this trick will be very useful. Suppose your inbuilt text editor like notepad or wordpad gets infected with a virus. Obviously you don’t want to use Microsoft Word for typing few lines of simple text. If you can’t use Microsoft word also, then what would you do. At this moment this trick comes handy…

How to use any web browser as text editor :

Open any web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It works on any web brower.Enter the below code into the address bar of the browser

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

Now press Enter button

Wow, Your browser has now converted into a text editor

Use Any Web Browser As Text Editor
Use Any Web Browser As Text Editor

After typing the text, now we want to save it. To save the file, just press Ctrl + S. Save the file with any name but change the file type as Text Files instead of Web Page. Now you can use the text file to view it in browser or in command prompt.

Please Note that, this text editor will not have formatting tools like making the text bold italic and increasing size. So you cannot format the text.

Hope you liked this simple but marvelous trick. If you found this helpful, please share it on your social networks…

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