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Wakie – Let Strangers Wake You Up in Morning

Are you bored of the blaring noise of the traditional alarm clock on your phone? Do you hate the routine alarm ringtone that wakes you up in the morning? People abuse the snooze button on the alarm which again puts you in the bed and you never wake up in the morning on time. If I ask you which way do you like to wake up : An alarm clock ringing with the boring tone or a lady from a different country calling you and asking you what is your favourite dish or if she can sing a short wake up song for you. Most people will find the later method an interesting way to kick start their mornings.

So, this week I am going to share with you an app called Wakie, which lets strangers from around the world call you and wake up.

What is Wakie?

Wakie was developed by Armenian developer Hrachik Adjamian. The app is a type of social alarm with 1.5 million members from nearly 80 countries and 30 million wake up calls made daily around the world. Wakie is a fun friendly community where people wake up each other in the morning by making calls. Wakie lets you wake up with a smile on your face by having a short conversation with an unknown stranger from an unknown country. It also allows you to wake up other people from around the world.

Wakie App - Let Strangers Wake You Up in Morning
Wakie App – Let Strangers Wake You Up in Morning

How it works?

You set an alarm time and at the set time you get a call from a stranger. This call can be from anywhere in the world and each call lasts for 60 seconds. You get a warning tone at 50 seconds and the call gets disconnected after 60 seconds to make sure there are no long conversations and no awkward goodbyes. While you have snooze option in your traditional alarm clock, wakie has the option to set a second wakie call after a specified time if you do not wake up with the first call. And the second time another random stranger calls you. If there are no live persons available at a particular point of time, a robot calls you with an automated wake up message. This is really a very fantastic way of waking up in the morning. Research shows that a 1 minute short conversation with a stranger wakes up your brain with a 99 percent guarantee and the brain has to wake up to answer their questions. After the call, its almost tough for you to sleep again.

Wakie App - Let Strangers Wake You Up in Morning
Wakie App – Let Strangers Wake You Up in Morning

Do More with Wakie :

While the primary purpose of the app is to wake up people by calling them, there are other features which are worth using. Wakie is a large community with active members and the app has a forum where members can chat on any legal topic. Apart from chatting, members can request a call or initiate a call on any topic. For example the app has some predefined topics like : Call someone and sing a song for them. If you are a good singer and in a mood to sing then just tap the Launch Conversation button and you will get connected to some stranger and you can sing a song for them. Another topic which I personally found helpful is : I want to practice my English. Tap it and you get a call from a stranger and have a conversation with them. You can also give advice and take advice from someone on any topic. There are lots of topics to discuss. The call is limited to 1 minute and your number is not displayed, as the calls made are through internet.

Wakie App - Let Strangers Wake You Up in Morning
Wakie App – Let Strangers Wake You Up in Morning

Wakie is totally free to download. Adjamian, the CEO of wakie says that in future they may launch a premium service where the call limit will be extended to 5 minutes and users can have a little extra talks. He also adds, they are working on adding clever robo calls which will tell you the weather in your city, interesting facts of your favourite topics, news from your region and many more.

So, try installing the app on your phone and wake up in an interesting way. Share your comments on why Wakie is a great app and why it cannot be the future of alarm apps.

Wakie is free and available to download on : Android  |  Windows  |  iOS

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    1. i am not sure what is that ringtone. but i have a solution for you. if you have a recording app on your phone, record in background when you are in call. then cut the recording to make a ringtone. i need to test if this works.

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