What is Dark Web?

You might be an Internet freak. But I am sure you are still not aware of many things on Internet. Do you know that the Internet that you are accessing is only a tip of an iceberg. Have you ever heard of Dark Web? If no, read the post completely to know what is dark web?


We do not encourage or support the use of Dark Web. It is illegal and very dangerous. This post is for educational purpose only.

Types of Web

There are three types of web available.

Surface Web

This is the part of the web which you access everyday. Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube belongs to surface web. All the search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing etc are also from surface web. The shocking fact is that only 5% of the Internet is visible to us. Surface web is indexed by the search engines and is accessible by everyone.

Deep Web

This is the biggest part of the internet. It constitutes around 95% of the web. Majority of the websites fall under this category. But you will not be able to access it directly. Because these websites are not indexed by the search engines. You can access them only if you know the address of the website. Deep web contains confidential and sensitive information which is accessible by those who needs it. Financial records of banks and organisations, Databases containing user’s information, Data related to government projects, top secret information related to defense and army are stored in this web. You cannot find them using search engines.

Dark Web or Dark Net

It is a small part or subset of Deep web. It is very dangerous and all the online illegal activities like trading of drugs, weapons, secret information is available here. I recommend you to read this post for educational purpose only. Never ever visit dark web or even try to get into it. It is said that government and cyber police always keeps an eye on these kinds of network to trace the criminal activities taking place in dark net.

How to access Dark Web

Dark Web is not indexed on search engines. They cannot be accessed from browsers like Google or Firefox. You need special browser like Tor. The dark web websites are similar to the normal websites but they have a domain extension of .onion. The Tor browser uses multiple VPN to connect to these websites anonymously. It is very difficult to find links to dark web resources.

Should you visit Dark Web?

Reading this post might make you excited to know more about Dark Web and visit it. But let me warn you that once you enter it, there are chances of you getting h@ck3d. Tor has many advantages. But it is not recommended to use it to access dark web. Most of the websites in dark web are created by scammers, h@ck3rs and frauds. They trap you to visit their websites and you might end up clicking any malicious link or download scripts that contain virus or malware. If you get h@ck3d there is no way that you can track the attacker. I recommend using Tor browser only for surfing the internet as it helps you being anonymous. But never visit any .onion link.

I will be very soon posting articles on how to use internet anonymously, how tor works and how to use it, how to create .onion website. So, please keep visiting and subscribe to our newsletter to get post updates. If you found this post helpful, please like it and share it on your social networks.


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