What is Tor Browser? Everything You Need To Know

I know most of you might know the Tor Browser, but this post is for the ones who don’t know what it is and why is it used. Read the complete post to know what is Tor Browser, how it works, and its uses.

What is Tor Browser?

Tor is a famous browser which is just like any other normal browser, except it offers privacy and anonymity. It was released in 2002 and since then there is a lot of confusion if it is legal to use Tor Browser. Yes, it is absolutely legal to use it. But as it offers anonymity, it has been used by many criminals, H@ck3rs and terrorists to perform illegal activities. Tor is also known as ‘onion router’ due to the way how it works.

How Tor Browser Works?

When you visit a website or a search engine from your normal browsers like Chrome, Firefox, the request goes to the router. From the router, it goes to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). That means any request you send can be tracked by your ISP provider or government. For someone, who is concerned about their privacy, the Tor comes into picture. When you visit any website or a search engine, your request or search query is first encrypted and then sent to your ISP. From there, instead of going to the google servers it goes to a random computer or nodes. After such few relays it gets decrypted and sent to google servers. The result of the query then goes to some random node and gets encrypted. After few such relays it gets decrypted and sent to your ISP and then to your browser.

This can be very helpful when you want to stay anonymous and do not want to get tracked. You will have complete privacy as your data cannot be tracked by anyone.

Uses of Tor Browser?

  • Maintain Privacy
  • Stay Anonymous
  • Data is not tracked
  • Hide Identity

While Tor may have many benefits, but it has also been used for illegal actions. As it allows you to stay anonymous and hide your identity, most of the criminals and terrorists use it for performing illegal activities.

Dark Side of Tor Browser

Internet is like a glacier. The tip of the glacier is the surface web which can be found on search engines. Internet also consists of Deep Web and Dark Web. All the websites of Dark Web are accessible using Tor browser. These websites has links ending with .onion and cannot be accessed using normal browser. Dark web contains all the illegal activities like selling of drugs, guns and weapons, and child p0rn0graphy. These website owners do not want to get tracked and hence they use .onion domains.

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While Tor may have many advantages it also provides a door to the dark web. So, I suggest you to use Tor only for legal things. I also recommend not to do any bank activities or social logins on Tor or .onion websites. When you visit an .onion website, be very careful as these websites are not very safe. Very soon, I will be posting an article on how to create a .onion website for educational purpose. Hope you enjoyed this post. If you found it helpful, please like it and share it on your social networks.

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