Whatsapp Launched Voice Calling Feature

As I have told in my previous posts, that whatsapp is the only messaging platform which is growing very rapidly and is very popular among the users. It is the current most widely used messaging application. Since the time facebook acquired whatsapp, every few weeks new features are launched by them to make users get most out of it. Till now whatsapp was just a messaging application. Now with the launch of new voice calling feature, it may evolve as the best voice calling application in future.

Whatsapp does not have push notification for any updates. I hope whatsapp will launch this feature too to inform users to update the app to get new features. The reason I am wishing this should be launched is, because when the calling feature was launched most of them do not know that whatsapp has introduced this amazing feature in the app. Only those, who has auto update of apps enabled will come to know of the new features if they find it. And whatsapp does not reveal its upcoming features in advance until it has launched it. I came to know a little earlier when this feature was launched because I follow many tech blogs and get updated myself. But most of them don’t know till now that you can make calls using whatsapp.

How to Enable Voice Calling in Whatsapp :

So Lets see how you can enable voice calling on your whatsapp. This feature is available on an invite to use basis. You need someone who has this feature call you to get your calls gets activated. Below are the steps you need to follow to enable the voice calling feature :

-> First update your app to latest version from Google Play Store.

-> Open the whatsapp application. At this point you will see the same interface with no call buttons.

-> Ask someone who has the calling feature to call you.

-> Once you receive the call, talk for few seconds or as long as you want and then disconnect it.

-> Restart your Whatsapp application.

Now you have a new interface with three tabs, one for call logs in whatsapp which shows the history of missed calls, received calls and placed calls. Second tab is the Chats tab where you have all the conversations. And the third is the contacts tab which displays all the contacts who are using whatsapp. When you open any contact you find a Call button at the top right corner next to the attachment button.

With 700 million active users using whatsapp, it came up as a tough competitor for other voice calling applications like viber, hike, skype and line.

Enjoy whatsapp calling !

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