Whatsapp Now Available on Web

Every few weeks, whatsapp is updating its messenger with tiny updates. The last update it made was the launch of blue ticks, which allows users to know when their message has been read by their recipients. This time, it came up with a new update. Whatsapp is now available on web. Means, you can use whatsapp messenger right from your browser. There is no need of any emulator to be installed. But wait, there are some limitations along with advantages.

As of now, whatsapp web feature is available only for Google Chrome browser in support with Android, Blackberry and Windows phones. Whatsapp founder Jan Koum said that Whatsapp is not available on web for iOS users due to Apple platform limitations.

Whatsapp also stated that you must be connected to the messenger on your phone to access it on your web browser. That means, you cannot access web version of whatsapp if you do not have internet connection or WiFi on your mobile. If you mobile is switched off or is in airplane mode, it closes your session on web browser too.

To Sync your whatsapp on chrome browser, just visitĀ https://web.whatsapp.comĀ 

It asks you to scan a QR code. Just go to your whatsapp messenger on your mobile and open menu and then select whatsapp web. Scan the code on your browser through your mobile and you are connected. Basically it mirrors your whatsapp on web browser.

Before trying this feature on web browser, Make sure that your whatsapp mobile messenger is up to date.

Though there are some limitations for this feature, it comes handy in some situations. When you are on work in office, you do not need to check again and again your mobile for new messages. You can access all your messages and chat from your computer through google chrome. I find it very helpful while working in office. Google Chrome also offers desktop notifications, which alerts you when new notifications are received.

Hope whatsapp will very soon launch a standalone version of web whatsapp which doesn’t require phone at all to access it on browsers.

Please share your comments on this newly launched feature from whatsapp.

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