Whatsapp Update – Star Messages, Google Drive Backup

Whatsapp has becoming very popular day by day and with its new feature its attracting more and more people. Every few weeks whatsapp updates its app with a new feature which helps a lot in improving the messaging experience. Read the complete post to view the detailed news on features of latest whatsapp update.

With its new version 2.12.338 beta, whatsapp has added the ability for some worthy features which users have been waiting from a long time. Listed below are the features with its new update :

Backup Whatsapp Messages to Google Drive :

This version of whatsapp allows the ability to backup messages to cloud. Currently it supports google drive. You can not only backup your messages, but also images, voice, videos to your google drive account in an encrypted form and later restore it. Previously the backup was on the local storage but if you lost your phone then you might lose all your messages and data. With cloud backup, you can be assured that your data is safe in an encrypted form and can be restored when you want it. Whatsapp has options to backup daily, weekly, monthly or never. You can also set it to Manual option (Only when I Tap Backup).

Whatsapp Latest Features
Whatsapp Latest Features

Star Your Important Messages :

Previously whatsapp had the option to search for a keyword in a conversation. But you need to remember the keyword to search the exact conversation you need. Whatsapp knows that the conversations can go very long. It is quite difficult to search for a keyword. With its new version, users has the ability to star a message. Its just like bookmarking a message. All the starred messages will be stored together and can be view later when you want to read it. This is really very amazing feature to save important chats in whatsapp.

Whatsapp Latest Features
Whatsapp Latest Features
Whatsapp Latest Features
Whatsapp Latest Features

Mark Chat as Read/Unread :

You may not find this feature very important but it has its uses. You can mark a chat as read or unread by long pressing a chat. This is helpful when you want to remember whom you’ve replied and whom you have to reply without ignoring the message. When you are busy and you got a message from your friend, and there is no time for you to reply, then just mark the conversation as unread and whatsapp will add a tiny green circle to your conversation which will make you remember that you kept this conversation for replying later. this will not make the messages as read for the sender. You cannot make your friends pretend that their messages has been read, but its for you to read it later.

Whatsapp Latest Features
Whatsapp Latest Features

New Emojis :

This version also introduced some new emojis. For those who were wishing for a middle finger emoji to convey their emotions, their wait is over. Now you can treat your friend with this emoji. But be careful that it may also land you in jail in some countries. In UAE, the nation has passed a Cyber Crime Law that insulting someone using symbols and emojis through messaging apps will fine the natives upto $68,000. So, be careful conveying your emotions. Whatsapp also introduced another emoji called Vulcan Salute from Star Trek. Search for Vulcan Salute on google to know what it is, as I do not want to define that and extend my post. It is also in the below screenshot.

Whatsapp Latest Features
Whatsapp Latest Features

Low Data Usage :

Whatsapp introduced Low Data Usage for users who often use whatsapp for calling. This could be very helpful for those who use whatsapp for calling. But it doesn’t show to what extent the data is reduced while calling. Anyhow the feature is good to save your data.

Custom Notifications & Mute Option for Whatsapp Contacts :

This feature was previously for only groups. Now you can add custom notification to any particular contact. Open profile of any contact on whatsapp, and add custom ringtone, colors, popups, sounds etc. you can also mute a whatsapp contact on this page.

Whatsapp Global Search :

Previously when you search a keyword on whatsapp, it searched for only contacts. But now you can search the keyword in conversations, contacts, groups. The search has been extended in this feature.

Use Google Now to Send a Message on Whatsapp :

This is not an update, but a very nice shortcut to send a whatsapp message through Google Now. Just say Google Now to your Smartphone and then Say : Send a Whatsapp Message to [Contact Name]. It will now ask you to dictate the message. Once recognised, it will send the message to the contact. Alternatively, you can also say the command in a single line. Eg : OK Google, Send a Whatsapp Message to Mark Stewart, Are you free now? And this will send the dictated message to the contact. Isn’t it interesting?

Download the Latest Version of Whatsapp from Official Whatsapp Download Page.

If rumours are to be believed then whatsapp is going to introduce Like button for Images. It is not sure if this will become a full feature but as it is also a part of facebook, it may implement it on whatsapp.

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