Whatsapp Update – Tag Feature In Group Chat

It is known to all that whatsapp keeps updating bits and pieces to its current version. In the last update, it has introduced the feature of quoting text in a conversation. To quote a message in a chat, just press and hold a message and click reply to quote that text. Also, whatsapp has increased the numbers of members in a group from 100 to 256. With the introducing of iOS 10, whatsapp also gets the Siri support. Now you can speak to siri and say – “Send a whatsapp message to Tom”.

I feel happy that facebook owned whatsapp keeps on updating by introducing new feature to its application, which is the most used social messaging app in the world. But recently whatsapp has introduced a new feature where you can tag someone in a group chat. For most of them this features turns out to be a nightmare and for some its a very useful feature. It is now impossible for someone to ignore annoying group chats. For those who want to be in peace by keeping the group chats MUTE, they have a bad news here.

Whatsapp has introduced a new feature where you can TAG someone in a group chat. When you tag someone, the tagged person will get a notification of the message. The sad thing is that when someone tags you, you will get notification even if you have muted the group chat. For most of them it can be annoying. But it comes really handy when you have muted the group and you do not know what conversation is going on in the group and when someone wants to mention you, you get updated. As whatsapp has increased the number of members in a group chat from 100 to 256, this feature can come really handy as the groups get crowded and you cannot read each and every message.

How to Tag Someone in Group Chat :

To tag a person in a group, you just have to type @ and then the name of the person you want to tag. When you type @, a list popups showing you the names of the members in that group. Just type the name of the person and select it. Now the person whom you have tagged will get a notification that he has been mentioned in the group. It also works for the numbers that are not listed in your phonebook but are a part of the whatsapp group. This feature is similar to Facebook where you type @ and the names of your friends popup. Note that this feature of whatsapp works only in groups and not in individual chats.

Whatsapp Tag Feature
Whatsapp Tag Feature

This feature works in the latest update of whatsapp for both android and iOS. This feature doesn’t work in the desktop client of whatsapp application. Hoping that whatsapp will bring more features to its users which are more helpful and not annoying. Please share your thoughts about this feature in the comment section.

You can visit www.whatsapp.com/download/ to download the latest version for both Android and iOS.

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