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Xiaomi Diwali Flash Sale (Redmi 4, Redmi 4A for Rs.1)

Are you a Xiaomi Lover? Me too ! Xiaomi has been very successful in selling their products in India. Their smartphones and other products are very affordable and provide all features of high end products. To celebrate their success in India, Xiaomi has introduced the Xiaomi Diwali flash Sale 2017. There are so many sales and offers available. Duration of the sale is from 27th September to 29th September. Read the post completely to know more about all the sales.

Mi Diwali Flash Sales :

Duration for all sales : 27th September to 29th September

  • The Diya Hunt : Play & Win Discount Coupons, Smartphones, Accesories and more.
  • Free Coupons : 10AM (27th, 28th & 29th Sept).
  • 1Rs. Flash Sale : (Hottest Sale) – 11AM and 5PM (27th, 28th & 29th Sept).
  • Bid to Win : 2PM and 6PM (27th, 28th & 29th Sept).
  • Fastest Fingers First : 4PM (27th, 28th & 29th Sept).

Steps to Register for the Sales :

  • It is important to have an account created with Mi to participate in the sales.
  • If you do not have an account create one.
  • If you already have a Mi account, then visit the sale page from HERE.
  • Once logged in, you will see the details of all flash sales.
  • Participate in any sale you want and win prizes.

How to Register for Rs.1 Flash Sale :

  • Visit the Rs.1 Flash Sale page from HERE.
  • Find the Rs.1 Flash Sale Banner.
  • Click on it.
  • At 11AM and 5PM (27th, 28th and 29th Sept), be ready to check products and click GRAB NOW button to buy the product at Rs.1
  • Below are the products which are listed for Rs.1

Products for Rs.1 Flash Sale :

27th September 2017  (11 AM Sale)

  • Redmi Note 4 (4 GB + 64 GB) Black (₹12,999/- In Just ₹1)
  • Mi Car Charger (₹799/- In Just ₹1)
  • Mi Router 3C (₹1,199/- In Just ₹1)

27th September 2017  (5 PM Sale)

  • Redmi 4 (3 GB + 32 GB) Gold (₹8,999/- In Just ₹1)
  • Mi BT mini speaker- Grey (₹1,299/- In Just ₹1)
  • Mi Selfie Stick Black (₹699/- In Just ₹1)

28th September 2017  (11 AM Sale)

  • Redmi 4A (2 GB + 16 GB) Grey (₹5,999/- In Just ₹1)
  • Mi Band HRX Edition- Grey (₹1,299/- In Just ₹1)
  • Mi Backpack Black (₹1,499/- In Just ₹1)

28th September 2017  (5 PM Sale)

  • Redmi Note 4 (3 GB + 32 GB) Black (₹10,999/- In Just ₹1)
  • Mi Capsule Ear Phones- Black  (₹999/- In Just ₹1)
  • Mi Wi-Fi Repeater- White (₹999/- In Just ₹1)

29th September 2017  (11 AM Sale)

  • Redmi 4 (2GB + 16GB) (₹6,999/- In Just ₹1)
  • Mi Backpack- Black (₹1,499/- In Just ₹1)
  • Mi VR Play- Black (₹999/- In Just ₹1)

29th September 2017  (5 PM Sale)

  • Redmi 4A (2GB + 16GB) (₹5,999/- In Just ₹1)
  • Mi BT mini speaker- Grey (₹1,299/- In Just ₹1)
  • Mi Selfie Stick Black (₹699/- In Just ₹1)

Hope you enjoyed this loot. Be quick in grabbing all these from Xiaomi. For more sales and offers like this, subscribe to our newsletter.

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