7 Most Interesting Websites on Internet

Internet is the universe of websites. Millions of websites exist on the internet. We know only those websites which we regularly use and find from search engines. There are also some interesting websites on Internet which are creative and attractive. Today, I will be sharing with you 7 most interesting websites on Internet. These are not the only interesting websites. I will be sharing more websites as I find them.

7 Most Interesting Websites on Internet :

Stars : Our galaxy is very beautiful. Visit this website to view a visualization of nearest 100,000 stars. You can zoom in and zoom out the view. You can also rotate it for a 360 degree view. The website also shows the names of the important stars.

Draw a Stick man : This is an amazing animated website. You draw a stick man and it comes to life. You are given instructions and the stick man comes into act to make a story. An option to share the story on social media is also available.

You’re getting old : This is my favorite website from this list. You enter your date, month and year of birth, and the website gives a full report of events and facts since you were born. The report is so interesting that I recommend you to visit the website right now and see its beauty.

Hex Clock : This website shows the time in hex code format. With each second passing, the background of the website changes to respective hex code color. Simple but interesting website.

The Simpsons in CSS : This website shows the Simpsons characters in pure CSS. No HTML used at all. Some of the characters are animated. If you are from programming background, then you will find this interesting.

In B Flat : The website contains a tile of 20 YouTube videos. Each video contains a musical instrument playing. Play some of them or all the videos to create your own music and listen to it.

Find the Invisible Cow : This is a sound based game. You need to find an invisible cow on the screen. All you have to do is move your cursor on the screen. As your cursor comes near to the invisible cow, the sound gets louder. Once you feel that the sound is loud enough then click on the spot to check if you can find the invisible cow.

Hope you found all the websites interesting. I will be sharing more websites in another post. If you found this post interesting, please like it and share it on your social media. Share it with your friends and let them know about these interesting websites.


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