Find IMEI of Your Lost Android Phone

How many phones have you lost. Do you remember the IMEI of your lost android phone. If you don’t remember then forget about your phone, because an IMEI number is needed to trace your phone or block it. IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity.

Where IMEI can be found?

Generally IMEI number can be found from four places.

– When you buy a mobile, a purchase bill is issued to the customer. So IMEI is printed on the purchase bill.

– On the box of your mobile phone.

– You can also find the IMEI under on the sticker which is present under your phone’s battery.

– You can also check IMEI number by typing *#06# on any mobile phone.

What if you have lost your purchase bill and mobile box. And your phone has been stolen. So you won’t have access to the above four things.

No worries. Here is a way by which you can easily find out your phone’s IMEI. When you lose your phone or it has been stolen, then you need IMEI number of your device to block it. You can call your service provider and request them to block it for you. But they will ask IMEI number. Even if you need to lodge a police complaint, we need IMEI number in FIR. So you can find out using below procedure.

How to Find IMEI of your lost Android Phone :

Every android device is linked to a google account. So using your google account we can find out our IMEI number.

1. Login to your Gmail Account from PC ( the gmail account which you used to register on your android phone)

2. Click on this Link

3. Now click  on Android. Select your Device listed there.

Find IMEI of lost android phone
Find IMEI of lost android phone

4. There you can find IMEI number of your device.

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