9 New Features in Android Oreo

On 21st August both Solar Eclipse and the reveal of Android 8 took place. The codename for the Google’s latest Android┬áVersion 8 is named Oreo. Today we will be showing you some of the new features that comes with Android Oreo. Currently the latest version is rolling out to the Pixel devices and of course the Nexus too.

Features of Android Oreo :

While most of the features are immediately visible, but some of them are still not much used or known yet. We will post the hidden features when we get a hands on of this version.

1. Faster Boots and Apps Load :

With Android Oreo installed, get 2x the boot speed when powering up the phone. Also the apps load faster on this version. Android Oreo has optimised the boot process. The performance in the apps also got increased.

2. Picture in Picture Mode :

PIP Mode was the much needed feature in android. With Android’s version 8, you would be able to use picture in picture mode. That means you can use two apps simultaneously. For example, you can browse the web while having a video call. You can chat in whatsapp during a video call in whatsapp. You can watch youtube while chatting on messenger or whatsapp.

3. Better Battery with Background Limits :

This feature limits the background activity of those apps which you use the least. For example if an app which is used by you very rarely, then android will limit certain activities like background services, location services, updates etc. This helps save the battery.

4. Autofill Feature :

You might have used the autofill feature on desktop browsers. Google has not brought this feature on mobile app. With the help of Autofill API, now apps on your mobile will be able to use Autofill feature with your permission. For example if you are logging in to Facebook, when you enter the Login ID, it will prompt you to auto fill the password for you.

5. New Emojis :

Emojis are a great way to express your emotions. With Android Oreo, you get 60 new emojis.

6. Google Play Protect :

Recently this feature called Google Play Protect was announced by Google. Protect your device from harmful apps. Google scans 50 billion apps per day and lets you know which apps are safe and which are not.

7. Notifications and Dots :

With Android Oreo, apps can display notification badges right from the home screen icons. You also get notification priorities. You can now snooze the notifications for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even one hour.

With Notification Dots, you can see a dot appearing at the top of the app icon. When you press it you can see the preview of notifications and you can also clear by swiping them.

8. Improved Camera :

Google has included minor tweaks in the camera. You can now double tap on camera screen to zoom in to 50%. Double tap again to zoom out. And to switch between photo and video mode, you just click the icons instead of swiping the screen.

9. Sync across devices :

You might have observed Google Chrome syncs your data if your google account is connected on both your mobile and computer. But it syncs only the app data like history, searches, bookmarks etc. Now with Android Oreo, Google expands the sync feature to auto fill. Now you can sync your passwords, addresses, credit card details within the apps.

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